Kjendra Dongle

The Kjendra Dongle makes any device "Internet of Things" enabled instantly and trouble-free.

Kjendra Core

The Kjendra Core is the secure transaction engine that ensures seamless communication between the Kjendra Dongle, the Virtual Kjendra Core, and your Kjendra Shelf

Kjendra Pods

The Kjendra Pods provide the easy-to-use interface between you and your devices, allowing you to interact with all of your devices in one easy location! No more learning many different apps--it's all in your Pods!

Welcome to Kjendra!

We are changing the way the Internet of Things exists. By maximizing the efficiency of device connections and minimizing the complexity of making the devices connect, as well as greatly increasing the number of devices that can exist in a single location, we are making internet-enabled devices not only more amazing and powerful, but also more attainable and affordable by minimizing development cost for device manufacturers.